Definition of hominoid in English:



  • A primate of a group that includes humans, their fossil ancestors, and the anthropoid apes.

    Superfamily Hominoidea: families Hominidae and Hylobatidae

    • ‘All extant hominoids with the exception of highland gorillas are strongly frugivorous.’
    • ‘The fossil record is replete with evidence supporting a plant-eating, basically frugivorous way of life for ancestral anthropoids, particularly hominoids.’
    • ‘Fruit sugars have been the primary source of dietary energy for hominoids over most or all of their entire evolutionary past.’
    • ‘A first look at the jaw shows that it's different from all other fossil hominoids and more similar to large, existing apes.’
    • ‘The evolutionary trajectory of hominoids is intimately bound up with the exploitation of ripe, fleshy fruits.’


  • Relating to hominoid primates.

    • ‘Right from the very first poster, visitors are thrown back millions of years to Africa, the only continent to yield a relatively continuous record of hominoid evolution.’
    • ‘Overall, this pattern of selective pressure along the gene seems to have remained constant during hominoid evolution.’
    • ‘At present, there seems little evidence to support a view of selection specifically for ethanol detection or its utilization over the course of hominoid evolution.’
    • ‘The remainder of the volume consists of quite thorough summaries split into five major fossil groups: prosimians, New World monkeys, Old World monkeys, hominoid primates, and human ancestors.’
    • ‘Fruit-eating also characterized a number of now extinct hominoid lineages.’


Early 20th century: from Latin homo, homin- ‘human being’ + -oid.