Definition of hominin in English:



  • A primate of a taxonomic tribe (Hominini ), which comprises those species regarded as human, directly ancestral to humans, or very closely related to humans.

    Some consider the tribe Hominini to include only the genera Homo and Australopithecus and their extinct relatives, thus making hominin equivalent to hominid (see hominid). Others define the tribe so as to include the chimpanzees, and sometimes also the gorillas.

    ‘fossil footprints reveal the height of ancient hominins’
    • ‘Paabo has shown there was interbreeding between, at the present count, four distinct lines of hominin.’
    • ‘Some bones also bear evidence that hominins used fist-sized stones to break them open to acquire bone marrow.’
    • ‘East African hominins may have suffered during dust storms, particularly from particles carried in by winds from the Arabian peninsula.’
    • ‘Answers to the ancestry question could come from studying hominin fossils from Africa, the researchers say.’
    • ‘From the missing mutations in the old DNA sequences the researchers calculated that the Sima hominin lived about 400,000 years ago.’


1980s: from modern Latin Hominini, from Latin homo, homin- ‘man’.