Definition of hominid in English:



  • A primate of a family (Hominidae ) which includes humans and their fossil ancestors and also (in recent schemes) at least some of the great apes.

    • ‘It may be possible to extract DNA from the bones of human ancestors and other hominids who died up to one million years ago, researchers believe.’
    • ‘Teeth and jaw fossils of an early hominid were found with fossils of other animals.’
    • ‘A glance at the fossil remains of these hominids shows that Neandertal bones are much more robust than those of modern Homo sapiens.’
    • ‘Do hominid fossils from one to two million years ago represent a single species or numerous branches on the family tree, some of which died out?’
    • ‘Based on fossils discovered in earlier digs, hominids appear to have lived in the area for nearly six million years.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Hominidae (plural), from Latin homo, homin- ‘man’.