Definition of homesteading in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • 1Life as a settler on a homestead.

    • ‘Marlett puts these colonies and their leaders in historical context and in the larger framework of Depression era homesteading encouraged by federal funds.’
    • ‘She married William Ernest Jamieson in 1921 and they had one daughter, but their marriage fell apart after a miserable attempt at homesteading.’
    • ‘Sitting across the street from the train depot in Billings is a reminder of the promise of Montana homesteading and the living that some hardy families continue to carve between the buttes.’
    • ‘There's 103-year-old Roy Larkin Stamper, who remembers homesteading in Indian Territory and confides to Ellis his deep desire to remarry.’
    • ‘Just as homesteading was an economic decision so was leaving - they would be better off returning than staying.’
    • ‘But my ultimate taste of weed ‘management’ was homesteading on the forested slopes of the Big Island of Hawaii.’
    • ‘The heedless optimism that characterized the initial period of Montana's twentieth-century homesteading was in the air.’
    • ‘In fact, Micheaux's homesteading in South Dakota in 1905 was relatively late in the history of African-American settlement west of the Mississippi River.’
    • ‘Equally revealing is what compelled single women to engage in homesteading.’
    • ‘In these books, Micheaux brings to the Great Plains the ideals of homesteading as cemented in the Homestead Act of 1862.’
    • ‘Strong markets for crops and livestock attracted hundreds of farmers and homesteading boomed, particularly between 1911 and 1917.’
    • ‘I've read lots of books and magazines about self sufficiency and homesteading and your magazine has always been my favorite guide and reference.’
    • ‘For anyone even thinking of homesteading, Gene Logsdon's books should be required reading.’
    • ‘Whereas Wister staunchly believed in the boundless opportunities for individual fortune in the West, Micheaux's attempts at homesteading proved otherwise for him.’
    • ‘Peggy experienced homesteading first-hand after her family moved from Great Falls to a claim near Sand Coulee when she was about six.’
    • ‘Omitted was any indication of her feelings about leaving, any apprehension or excitement about homesteading, or, other than not sleeping, how she withstood the trip.’
    1. 1.1 The granting of homesteads to settlers.
      • ‘Remaining federal land west of the 100th Meridian, except in Washington and Alaska, was withdrawn from homesteading when the Taylor Grazing Act became law in 1934.’
      • ‘The USA has always stylized the founding of the West, from lottery like homesteading to the perverse pull of the rush for gold.’