Definition of homestead block in English:

homestead block


NZ, Australian
  • An area of rural Crown land which was sold or leased on condition that a farm residence be erected on it.

    ‘he secured a homestead block of eight acres’
    • ‘The right of purchase was extended to homestead lessees, not by the action of the advocates of the homestead block system.’
    • ‘On his homestead block of 8 acres he erected a family residence and put in an artesian well.’
    • ‘There were 2200 acres in the homestead block.’
    • ‘On his death, the homestead block was left to his son, and other blocks to other members of the family.’
    • ‘This is just a description of the history and I am not sure why that was done, but yes, they are under water and permanently under water in the case of the homestead block, which was granted in fee simple.’
    • ‘The company's intention was to sell the Homestead Block as shown in the plan.’
    • ‘My father drew Blue Range, the homestead block, in the ballot.’
    • ‘The soil type is a deep heavy silt loam on the Homestead Block.’
    • ‘Every person entitled to make an application shall be entitled to receive a licence in respect of one homestead block or one agricultural block.’
    • ‘He took over the Kekerengu homestead block, forming a station of 37,230 hectares.’