Definition of homesite in English:



Australian, North American
  • A building plot.

    • ‘I can't deny that the two blocks mentioned would make good homesites but it is definitely short-sighted of the Council to make a quick monetary gain at the expense of the community they supposedly represent.’
    • ‘The developers plan to recoup most of the construction costs from the sale of the 300 homesites on the 360-acre property.’
    • ‘Some developers try to squeeze in as many homesites as possible to maximize profits.’
    • ‘Entry-level price for a must-have homesite is $2 million.’
    • ‘The Hearst Corporation retains the right to develop a boutique luxury hotel and 27 owner homesites across the ranch.’
    • ‘In the meantime, the need for large homesites spread over vast tracts of land prevails, because people are too self-centred to think of protecting the environment.’
    • ‘Nearly every homesite borders natural open space or desert.’
    • ‘In 1919 the U.S. Forest Service hired a young landscape architect, Arthur H. Carhart, and told him to do a survey for a road around the lake and several homesites on the lakeshore.’
    • ‘Single-site homesites usually offer larger tracts of land, more privacy and the opportunity to express individuality in the home's exterior, without having to submit plans for community approval.’
    • ‘Since some of these sites have now been developed as homesites, they still pose a health risk to city dwellers.’
    • ‘A spot overlooking the French Broad River, he thought, might make a good homesite.’
    • ‘The original plan had 100 homesites on 130 acres and included areas for commercial lots and a future fixed-base operation.’
    • ‘Do they believe that offices, stores, and schools will scale themselves down and intersperse themselves nicely among these 5-acre homesites?’
    • ‘He has a new career in front of the camera - telling cable TV viewers to join him in buying cheap homesites in California and Florida.’
    piece of ground, patch, area, location, parcel, tract, allotment, acreage
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