Definition of homeschooler in English:



  • See homeschool

    • ‘But many schools are indeed quite decent - even if not great - and if home-schoolers withdraw their kids from that school, then they need to be able to provide at least a minimal quality education, and prove that they're doing so.’
    • ‘Michelle Malkin blasts the California education bureaucracy's effort to drive home-schoolers out of business.’
    • ‘There's an outpouring from the nation - it's a mockery against what home schooling is and the contributions home-schoolers have made to the country.’
    • ‘Calvin McCarter, a fifth grade home-schooler from Jenison, MI, beat a roomful of older kids Wednesday, making him one of the two youngest students ever to win the competition.’
    • ‘Right now, home-schoolers and their parents are fighting thousands of individual battles all around the country, and victory is declared whenever one wins the right to be left alone.’