Definition of homeotherm in English:


(also homoiotherm)


  • An organism that maintains its body temperature at a constant level, usually above that of the environment, by its metabolic activity.

    Often contrasted with poikilotherm; compare with warm-blooded
    • ‘As ground-nesting homeotherms, alpine and arctic birds must meet similar physiological requirements for breeding to other birds, but in more extreme conditions.’
    • ‘Man is a homeotherm, meaning that body temperature is kept within narrow limits by complex control mechanisms.’
    • ‘Indeed, humans are among the slowest-aging homeotherms.’
    • ‘Also, there are large mammals which are endotherms, not inertial homeotherms.’
    • ‘Terrestrial homeotherms have evolved five major solutions to deal with these threats and the stress axis plays a role in some of these.’


Late 19th century: modern Latin, from Greek homoios ‘like’ + thermē ‘heat’.