Definition of homemaking in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • The creation and management of a home, especially as a pleasant place in which to live.

    • ‘Beatrice, too, loved baking and homemaking, but this most ordinary of young brides was galvanized by an extraordinary drive to learn and grow, to improve not only her surroundings, but herself.’
    • ‘But people who spend their time on homemaking and child-raising don't count at all.’
    • ‘Those who belittle the task of homemaking are putting our next generations at extreme risk.’
    • ‘The father is the head of the household, while the mother is responsible for child rearing, homemaking, and the basic education of the children.’
    • ‘And thus began the wholesale abandonment of homemaking and even motherhood in favor of occupations outside of the home, which imparted the sense that one was doing something worthwhile.’
    • ‘Women talked about homemaking and the children.’
    • ‘Later in life, shy women fare better than shy men, presumably because traditional roles such as marriage and homemaking place them in fewer stressful and novel situations.’
    • ‘Something went wrong with their education if they think the world was a better place when their only option was homemaking - a fine choice, if that's what you want to do.’
    • ‘Although the vast majority of contemporary couples have dual incomes, women carry a disproportionate amount of the burden of homemaking, childcare, and eldercare.’
    • ‘People who were occupied in business, homemaking, labor, and professions had little time for such luxuries.’
    • ‘Like all new wives, Meg learned the art of homemaking and how to organize and spend money frugally.’
    • ‘As women nationally made unprecedented gains into occupations formerly reserved for men, Mormon women were, for the first time, told to restrict their activities to homemaking.’
    • ‘Elizabeth wishes to be left alone to get on with her new life and homemaking but her interfering mother, sister, best friend and even the builder seem determined to haunt her every waking moment.’
    • ‘But some people were hurt by the new rules, especially women who had understood marriage as a partnership in which one partner would earn money and the other would forsake a career in order to specialize in homemaking.’
    • ‘She needs an environment in which her natural instincts for motherhood and homemaking are respected not crushed.’
    • ‘And most working wives, even career women, will tell you that they continue to do much more of the homemaking and the child rearing than their husbands.’
    • ‘Thus, truancy rates among Italians were high, especially among girls, for whom education had always been regarded as unnecessary since tradition dictated a path of marriage, motherhood, and homemaking.’
    • ‘Her many varied interests include teaching, reading, fashion design, poetry, lecturing, homemaking, philosophy and painting.’
    • ‘After a decent interval, a period of dating and familiarisation, and ultimately marriage and homemaking, the first children were born.’
    • ‘I think housekeeping is closely linked to homemaking.’