Definition of homebuyer in English:



  • A person who purchases a house or flat as a place to live.

    • ‘He also calmed the fears of prospective homebuyers who may be looking to get on the property ladder, saying there was no fear of negative equity.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for homebuyers, rising house prices have provided the government with a lucrative source of revenue.’
    • ‘So we do expect to see it address some of the strong demand that's been driving up property prices, as well as lowering some of those entry costs for first homebuyers.’
    • ‘There was good news for homebuyers last week when mortgage rates remained unchanged and house prices continued to soar.’
    • ‘Over the weekend, almost 1,200 units - mostly from the two new projects - were snapped up by homebuyers.’
    • ‘And despite initiatives aimed at helping new homebuyers on to the property ladder, nothing seems to have worked.’
    • ‘This provides first homebuyers with $7000 when purchasing their first home.’
    • ‘Experts are warning homebuyers to avoid 100% mortgages now the housing market is faltering.’
    • ‘Contact real estate agents to get access to new homebuyers to sell them property insurance.’
    • ‘Lenders and homebuyers have been bracing themselves for a rise in rates after new figures showed mortgage lending hit a new high during September.’
    • ‘Cornwall appears to be one of the main areas attracting homebuyers wanting to live by the sea.’
    • ‘Peter visits the towns where homebuyers are snapping up houses for £5,000’
    • ‘Prescott hopes the figures will give homebuyers an accurate picture of how property prices are moving and allow them to pay more realistic prices for houses.’
    • ‘The headline grabber will be the abolition of stamp duty for first homebuyers for properties valued up to $500 000.’
    • ‘In some situations housing prices could increase with homebuyers paying the largest share of the fees.’
    • ‘With economists holding mixed views on the future course of interest rates, homebuyers face difficult choices when trying to decide which type of mortgage to go for.’
    • ‘Ten years ago homebuyers had a much greater chance of avoiding the tax with almost five times as many properties being sold for less than £60,000.’
    • ‘For supply to fall, building work must stop, allowing the bubble to deflate naturally as real homebuyers buy the properties now owned by investors.’
    • ‘He says homebuyers have to consider how much they can afford to spend, even though some developers are offering lower prices.’
    • ‘In each episode, a friendly realtor helpfully accompanies a pair of prospective homebuyers as they shop for a house or condominium.’