Definition of homebound in English:



North American
  • 1On the way home; homeward-bound.

    ‘her homebound flight’
    • ‘On the homebound metro, there was a hold-up.’
    • ‘They were able to reverse the order of the train and mount the home-bound line.’
    • ‘He bought an iPod in a duty-free zone at the homebound airport.’
    • ‘He's about to turn the kids' homebound road trip into a living nightmare!’
    • ‘After soaking up the view of France's capital from this favourite spot, they boarded their homebound coach late afternoon and arrived back in Britain in the early hours of Monday.’
    • ‘Remember to book your homebound flight from the right airport.’
    • ‘She was trying to release the tape player, which had jammed, when she approached a crowd of home-bound revellers.’
    • ‘Passengers on the first charter flight on a chilly weekend found their homebound trip still takes almost as long as before, due to the 40-minute stopover.’
    • ‘First and foremost, the homebound trip must be safe.’
    • ‘In a radio context, drive time simply refers to the late afternoon slot when homebound commuters are a captive audience.’
  • 2Unable to leave one's house, typically due to illness or old age; housebound.

    ‘the delivery of care to people who are homebound’
    • ‘I used to visit a homebound elderly woman in my parish who spoke with regret of how little she could do, at her age and in her weakened condition, "for the church."’
    • ‘City Fresh Foods is paid by city health agencies to provide ethnic food to the homebound elderly.’
    • ‘Her mother had increasingly become a home-bound invalid.’
    • ‘Unusual bank account activity includes large cash withdrawals and frequent ATM withdrawals when the senior is known to be homebound.’
    • ‘Doing a digital video of the pastor's sermon and uploading it to the website can help the homebound in the congregation.’
    • ‘The company is most likely correct in targeting the fringes of the classroom, including remedial and homebound students.’
    • ‘I never had been so home-bound before.’
    • ‘Today I work in a home care agency, visiting patients who are homebound.’
    • ‘Both texts address an issue of alarming proportions for the welfare of the aging and home-bound.’
    • ‘The cost of one ticket will provide more than one month of hot meals and case management for a homebound senior citizen.’