Definition of home paddock in English:

home paddock


NZ, Australian
  • 1A paddock next to a farmhouse.

    ‘we had great fun riding his little bike around the home paddock’
    • ‘Back in the home paddocks there is one Shetland, two Welsh mountain ponies and two young horses currently being broken in.’
    • ‘There were three gates leading out of the home paddock.’
    • ‘He obtained a car identical to mine and ripped up my girlfriend's brother's home paddock.’
    • ‘In shirt and boots he hares across the home paddock to see his own house OK but his neighbours' smashed flat.’
    • ‘It is a very nice garden with a home paddock and a bit of woodland.’
    • ‘We basically sat around the home paddock of Joe's place, drank copious amounts of Bundaberg Rum and Coke and told old cadet stories and generally mucked around.’
    • ‘A series of terraces leads invitingly from formal and casual living areas through sets of double doors to the home paddock and bush beyond.’
    • ‘In the home paddock a lone goose follows the cows for company.’
    • ‘We saw smoke rise from this gully, faraway, in the home paddock.’
    • ‘Twenty calves had been branded and were waiting in the home paddock.’
    1. 1.1 One's home, or a familiar place in which one feels at home.
      ‘she probably gets up to all sorts while away from the home paddock’
      ‘the village is home paddock for ten of the All Blacks’
      • ‘He is so fond of his home paddock that he is only away from Longford for only as long as he has to be.’
      • ‘I still think we have to be a bit careful in suggesting the in-form Cheetahs simply have to pitch up at their home paddock to romp past the dishevelled Rebels.’
      • ‘It is pretty good beating NSW on their home paddock.’
      • ‘They are confident that they will catch and break up any other gangs that may venture into their home paddock.’
      • ‘With little breath to spare they arrived safely on their home paddock.’