Definition of home address in English:

home address


  • 1The address of one's home.

    ‘if she has given her home address, that is where the letter will be sent’
    • ‘Confirmation of a home address will also be required.’
    • ‘She recited the information as promptly as if he'd asked for her home address.’
    • ‘Up on the screen came all his home addresses for the past few years.’
    • ‘I am starting a business and don't want to use my home address on mailers and business cards.’
    • ‘A sheriff was looking up a woman's home address using a private system.’
    • ‘People often use their home address, age, spouse's name, Social Security number, or date of birth.’
    • ‘Before he died, he had crossed his home address out on his passport.’
    • ‘Don't carry details of your home address along with bank cards—remember, driving licences have addresses on them too!’
    • ‘The father has only a home address listed.’
    • ‘They knew my name, my email address, my university, my home address—everything!’
    1. 1.1 The place where one lives permanently.
      ‘seventeen stolen vehicles were found at his home address’
      • ‘He was found with 11 stolen lawnmowers in his possession at his home address.’
      • ‘Her home address was Oakley Crescent, but that night she was staying at her grandmother's home at the opposite end of the town.’
      • ‘Following complaints filed against him by victims' organizations, he left his home address.’
      • ‘They considered it inappropriate, for confidentiality reasons, to make contact with families of those who are no longer living at their home address.’
      • ‘The courier delivered it to the home address.’
      • ‘Sumadh Gardens is the home address of several prominent San Fernandians.’
      • ‘The goods were sent to his home address.’
      • ‘He told the court that the mother of the accused did not want him to reside at his home address.’
      • ‘After the shotgun had discharged, he placed it in a rubbish bin and crawled back to his home address.’
      • ‘Some retailers eager to make a sale even suggest shipping an item to your home address to avoid sales taxes.’