Definition of home-loving in English:



  • Fond of staying at home.

    ‘a home-loving family man’
    • ‘It's as if the population here are home-loving people; content with their gardens, their duties and the embrace of nature.’
    • ‘She's a home-loving girl who likes playing with computers and watching television.’
    • ‘This charming, home-loving, God-fearing young man was on early evening television, blaring into the living-rooms of millions of impressionable young people.’
    • ‘She had been a home-loving child who adored being a Brownie.’
    • ‘The 21st-century teen is a conscientious, home-loving, would-be entrepreneur.’
    • ‘Bournonville was a deeply religious and home-loving person but also a dedicated traveler.’
    • ‘His parents Paul and Patsy, twin brother Michael and fiancee Chantelle described him as "home-loving and full of fun".’
    • ‘If we understand why ordinary, home-loving men and women participated in an evil regime, then we will guard ourselves against doing the same.’
    • ‘In spite of his busy medical life Copeman was essentially a home-loving man.’
    • ‘She is friendly, home-loving and religious.’
    • ‘Deep down he was a home-loving, conservative, family man.’
    • ‘The private belongings of Katharine Hepburn have been gathered into 691 lots and arranged in, appropriately, twenty-four room-sized sets to recreate the home-loving, practical side of the glamorous Hollywood star.’
    • ‘In each port he had a wife, one home-loving and respectable and one more passionate and out-going.’
    • ‘He was a home-loving man and loved his family.’
    • ‘He's a very home-loving cat who's never stayed out all night during the six years we've known him.’
    housewifely, domesticated, stay-at-home, homely
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