Definition of homburg in English:



  • A man's felt hat having a narrow curled brim and a tapered crown with a lengthwise indentation.

    • ‘More often than not I sport the headwear of the retired gentleman - a classless corduroy cap, but hope to see the day when the bowler, the homburg and the trilby, like the mini-skirt, become fashionable again.’
    • ‘And he'd turn up with his homburg on and a little black case.’
    • ‘They have done this for many years, and they make a colourful and distinctive spectacle as they wander around the town in their homburgs, ringlets, and black suits.’
    • ‘It was the men, some of them wearing Chesterfield coats and homburgs, who lined up at the soup kitchens with drooping shoulders and eyes that never looked up from the sidewalk.’
    • ‘The most common hat for men in the synagogue is a small round cap called a yarmulke or a kippah, but an ordinary homburg or street hat will be accepted.’
    • ‘Reports and pictures showed him resplendent with giant cigar and homburg hat’


Late 19th century: named after Homburg, a town in western Germany, where such hats were first worn.