Definition of Holy Year in English:

Holy Year


  • (in the Roman Catholic Church) a period of remission from the penal consequences of sin, granted under certain conditions for a year usually at intervals of twenty-five years.

    • ‘He was curate at St Brigid's in Cabinteely, south Dublin, in 1973-4, but returned to Rome the following year to take responsibility for the pastoral care of Dublin pilgrims during the Holy Year.’
    • ‘They take as their point of reference the Holy Year of 1300 when Boniface VIII proclaimed the Church's first Jubilee and granted a plenary indulgence to all pilgrims; 200,000 of the faithful came.’
    • ‘The region of Galicia expects no less than 6 million visitors this year, the first Holy Year of the millennium.’
    • ‘The granting of indulgences was a key feature of last year's Holy Year observances by Catholics.’
    • ‘My mother came to Rome for Holy Year in 1950, half a century earlier.’
    • ‘The occasion was the Holy Year, hence my being able to pinpoint the year in question.’
    • ‘An exception was made from the general rule to allow me out of Blairs College, the junior seminary, as a 16-year-old, to go to Rome for Easter during the Holy Year 1950 with my mother and sister.’
    • ‘The same attitude dominated Romans' view of the 2000 Holy Year, which brought millions of pilgrims to the city.’
    • ‘This year's millennial celebrations in Rome remind us that the tradition of Holy Year pilgrimages began in 1300 with Pope Boniface VIII.’
    • ‘When U.S. airlines were attempting to secure landing rights in Dublin in 1948-49, they held out the prospect that thousands of Irish-Americans might visit Ireland as part of a pilgrimage to Rome during the 1950 Holy Year.’
    • ‘A Holy Year pilgrimage in March 2000 took him to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories.’
    • ‘John Paul, in preparation for the Holy Year of 2000, would entrust the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a pious act that was replete with anti-Communist significance.’
    • ‘The agreement was signed under the pretext of ensuring less disruption for the projected 30 million pilgrims and tourists who will visit the country during the Roman Catholic Church's Holy Year 2000.’
    • ‘It was the first step in the pope's promised Holy Year pilgrimage to retrace what he has called ‘the history of salvation’ at key biblical sites.’