Definition of holy war in English:

holy war


  • A war declared or waged in support of a religious cause.

    • ‘Throughout the Reformation in Europe, the Psalms had been used by militant Protestants as a battle cry for radical reform and holy wars against the Catholics.’
    • ‘Often, a war will be said to be fought for God and country, or even called a holy war.’
    • ‘In 622 AD the Prophet Mohammed launched his holy war against the infidel.’
    • ‘It was reinforced by substantial numbers of volunteers from all over the Islamic world, who came to fight a holy war against the infidels.’
    • ‘In thousands of journal articles and scholarly monographs Christianity's holy wars have been probed, analyzed, and debated.’
    • ‘When, in the Middle Ages, the pope sought volunteers to fight in holy wars by promising eternal salvation, only a few came.’
    • ‘Moreover, by papal decree, the monarchs of Spain and Portugal were commanded to wage a holy war to support this missionary endeavour.’
    • ‘This ascendancy of the clergy helps explain why the period ended with the extraordinary holy wars known as the Crusades, the first of which was launched by European Christians in 1095.’
    • ‘They joined with the Arabs in fighting the Islamic holy wars against Ethiopian Christians in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.’
    • ‘The Crusades are generally portrayed as a series of holy wars against Islam led by power-mad popes and fought by religious fanatics.’
    • ‘For most Japanese, he was a living god, as propounded in the myths of State Shint, and the conflict was a holy war fought in his name.’