Definition of Holy Roman Emperor in English:

Holy Roman Emperor


  • The sovereign ruler of the Holy Roman Empire.

    ‘the Archbishop of Cologne was removed from his position by the Holy Roman Emperor’
    • ‘During the Middle Ages a few detached Antique works had been publicly preserved around several palaces of the Holy Roman Emperor.’
    • ‘In August 1619, Ferdinand was elected Holy Roman Emperor.’
    • ‘By law, the Holy Roman Emperor could appoint a temporary head of state until an enquiry worked out who would be the next legitimate head of state.’
    • ‘Both projects were commissioned by the Holy Roman Emperor.’
    • ‘Francis was elected Holy Roman Emperor in exchange for the return of the lands of Bavaria to the Elector's heir.’
    • ‘Mary, daughter of Charles, quickly married Maximilian, the son of the Holy Roman Emperor.’
    • ‘In 1556 he became Holy Roman Emperor after his brother had abdicated all titles.’
    • ‘He later described what he saw in letters to the Holy Roman Emperor.’
    • ‘A second matter was the question of who was the legitimate Holy Roman Emperor.’
    • ‘The most important states belonged to the seven Electors—men who selected the future Holy Roman Emperor.’