Definition of Holy Father in English:

Holy Father


  • The Pope.

    • ‘The loss of Pope John Paul II is significant to the Catholic Church and the world but this is the cycle of life and we must accept God's will and thank Him for the life of our Holy Father.’
    • ‘He said the Holy Father would decide on the matter himself, and was confident of a positive response.’
    • ‘‘The Holy Father has been constantly informed of the events of this enormous tragedy,’ said a statement from the Vatican.’
    • ‘This is manifested with great clarity in the Holy Father's pontificate, with his pastoral visits, his meetings.’
    • ‘Catholics undertake to listen to God through the Holy Father in Rome.’
    • ‘The funeral of the late Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, was not only a historic event but it was a spiritual uplifting for even in death he brought nations and faiths together.’
    • ‘So it came as no great surprise to me when the Holy Father, Pope John Paul the Second, came out with an outright condemnation of the new technology.’
    • ‘Personally, I cannot help but feel that the Holy Father chose the better path by not speaking out and thereby saved many lives.’
    • ‘There's a great affection between the Holy Father and Mother Teresa.’
    • ‘It was a Mass to celebrate Pope John Paul's Jubilee and to pray for the Holy Father's intentions and good health.’
    • ‘The Holy Father was an inspiration and a model witness to the life of Christ; a Shepherd of Truth immersed in profound humility and immense love for both God and man.’
    • ‘I've had the privilege of celebrating Mass with the Holy Father.’
    • ‘The Holy Father went right to a kneeler and started to pray; then they walked together for about a mile.’
    • ‘In 1993, I was with the choir of the National Shrine on a trip to Rome, where we sang a private concert for the Holy Father.’
    • ‘The bishop talked about their desire to return to communion with the Holy Father and spoke very movingly about their affirmation of the Catholic faith.’
    • ‘There are limits to what even Catholics themselves will take from their Holy Father.’
    • ‘We were blessed by the Holy Father himself while we were there.’
    • ‘Today, as we pray for the church and the Holy Father who leads it, let us also pray for family life.’
    • ‘After bidding farewell to Pope John Paul II, 115 cardinals prepare to choose a new Holy Father.’
    • ‘In his twenty-six year Pontificate, the Holy Father visited more than 120 countries.’


Holy Father