Definition of holy day in English:

holy day


  • A day on which a religious observance is held.

    • ‘Yet despite the demands of business and family, Auguste regularly attended synagogue, observed all the holy days, and freely showed generosity and hospitality to the needy around her.’
    • ‘For Catholics, Good Friday, Easter, and Christmas are the most holy days and are observed by attending church services and spending time with the family.’
    • ‘They gain merit by good acts and religious deeds that include acting properly, celebrating holy days, and taking food to the monks at the temple.’
    • ‘Since Albanian Americans are members of either Roman Catholic, Orthodox, or Islamic faiths, many religious festivals and holy days are observed.’
    • ‘Most national holidays are holy days of the Christian calendar.’
    • ‘Some religious holy days were customarily observed with village processions while others were less dramatic.’
    • ‘Certainly he was susceptible to the charge of not doing his share religiously, and on holy days at least walked in awe of those who did.’
    • ‘The Jewish, Christian and Islamic weeks all contain seven days, each with a different holy day, and religion has preserved these cycles through until the present day.’
    • ‘Friday, the holiest day for Muslims, is as well the holy day for Hindus to worship of the Mother Divine.’
    • ‘God rested on the seventh day and declared it holy, giving rise to the observance of a holy day.’
    • ‘Each chapter includes guidelines for special holy days and festivals, births, initiation ceremonies, funerals and mourning, and home celebrations.’
    • ‘She explained to me that they have a Mass out there for holy days and other religious occasions.’
    • ‘He went to temple on the sabbath and the high holy days.’
    • ‘Every week religious Jews observe the Sabbath, the Jewish holy day, and keep its laws and customs.’
    • ‘In pagan Europe it was a festive holy day celebrating the first spring planting.’
    • ‘Similarly, the Muslim population observes Islamic holy days.’
    • ‘Instead, changes in the number of days worked per week, and in the observance of holy days, were largely responsible for the rise in annual hours.’
    • ‘These are not only special holy days of chanting and teachings, but happy, social occasions enjoyed in the way that Christmas or Easter is enjoyed, for example, by practising Christians.’
    • ‘Special dishes are associated with holy days and celebrations.’
    • ‘Friday is the Muslim holy day, observed at the center with a prayer service.’
    public holiday, bank holiday, festival, festival day, feast day, gala day, carnival day, fete, fiesta, festivity, celebration, anniversary, jubilee
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holy day

/ˈhəʊli deɪ/