Definition of Holy Cross Day in English:

Holy Cross Day


  • The day on which the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross is held, 14 September.

    • ‘A few years later on Holy Cross Day, Thursday, September 14, 1876, the church was consecrated by Bishop Scarborough.’
    • ‘On September 14, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks the Holy Cross Day.’
    • ‘The first service was an early morning Eucharist in celebration of Holy Cross Day.’
    • ‘Additionally, we recognize and commemorate events like: Black history month in February; Home Coming - the second Sunday in September, when we observe our Feast of Title or Holy Cross Day; Harvest is also another feast which we celebrate on the last Sunday of October.’
    • ‘Just as the various St. Peter's churches celebrate St. Peter's feast day in a special way, we observe Holy Cross Day.’
    • ‘The whole 40-day period between Transfiguration Day and Holy Cross Day became a time of pilgrimage to welcome the autumn season.’