Definition of holster in English:



  • A holder for carrying a handgun or other firearm, typically made of leather and worn on a belt or under the arm.

    • ‘The door was opened by a stout man in the uniform with a holster on his belt.’
    • ‘During outings in the desert, they'd found regular leather holsters don't hold up well in the Arizona sun and heat.’
    • ‘Shooting the soldier in the head she dropped her gun and pulled two more from her holsters on her belt.’
    • ‘First things first, the holster should fit and be worn with a belt of proper width and thickness.’
    • ‘Carried as a second or third gun it is a deep concealment piece often carried in an ankle holster or coat pocket.’
    • ‘Armed response units have been given the go-ahead to wear their handguns in hip-mounted holsters, even if they are not attending a firearms incident.’
    • ‘She twirled both of her pistols and stuck them in the holsters at her belt before picking up the spreadfire rifle and likewise slinging it over her shoulder.’
    • ‘The holster should securely retain the handgun in case you wind up rolling around in the dirt.’
    • ‘Billy pulled his gun out of the holster on his belt and stepped precariously into the farmhouse.’
    • ‘It is always safer to keep a firearm on your person in a holster, moonbag or similar holder so that you have control over it at all times.’
    • ‘Belt holsters worn on the range for practice are easy to access, but there is often a lack of concealment or security.’
    • ‘A coil handgun rested in a holster at his hip but, as he approached Casey and Trifmara, he made no move to reach for it.’
    • ‘One item was a belt, which attached to were two leather holsters.’
    • ‘There was a pistol tucked in a worn leather holster at his hip within easy reach.’
    • ‘Soon he realized men needed more powerful revolvers, but ones still easily carried in belt holsters.’
    • ‘Ruby twirled the gun on her finger and slid it into the holster on her belt.’
    • ‘My gun was real, the bullets were real, and the holster was real leather stitched by hand.’
    • ‘Firearms officers in West Yorkshire are now allowed to routinely carry their handguns in their hip holsters.’
    • ‘After a few hours of sleepless boredom, he took out a handgun from his leg holster.’
    • ‘Instinctively, his hand went to his own gun, tucked away in the leather holster by his belt.’


[with object]
  • Put (a gun) into its holster.

    ‘he holstered the Browning before walking back’
    • ‘Seeing no one, I holstered my gun and signaled the boys to send Natalia and Marcus down.’
    • ‘Despite the pain, he turned around to see a man dressed in all black, holstering his gun then closing the door and locking it.’
    • ‘Slowly, the detective put up his left hand and holstered his gun with his right.’
    • ‘The guard holstered his pistol and carefully helped Sanders up to his feet.’
    • ‘After shooting the first 5 balloons, he holsters one gun, draws the second and goes after the last 5 balloons.’
    • ‘For safety, the trigger guard should be covered while the handgun is holstered.’
    • ‘He holstered his gun under his coat and buckled his safety belt.’
    • ‘Both had holstered their guns so in order to avoid causing panic amongst the passengers.’
    • ‘Then, I figured my firing at him wasn't necessary, and I holstered my gun.’
    • ‘Dice holstered the gun and pushed the man out of the way, slipping into the car.’
    • ‘He holstered the revolver and headed back to the car, now it was time to radio in what had happened.’
    • ‘The officers both nodded, holstering their own firearms.’
    • ‘The man holstered his guns, much to my relief, and took off his sunglasses.’
    • ‘In a rush the duo holstered their guns and rushed back to their rooms.’
    • ‘I holstered my gun and wrapped a torn piece of cloth around the wound in my leg.’
    • ‘The other gun was still holstered but I was willing to bet he could get at it quickly if he wanted to.’
    • ‘Kienan stared at her and sighed, then holstered his pistol and helped her up.’
    • ‘One mistake that can lead to an accidental discharge and possible injury to the shooter is holstering the gun with the finger on the trigger.’
    • ‘True to his word, the gang leader holstered his gun and turned Maggie loose.’
    • ‘The officer nodded again and holstering his gun, walked off.’


Mid 17th century: corresponding to and contemporary with Dutch holster, of unknown origin.