Definition of hols in English:


plural noun

  • Holidays.

    ‘he's away on his hols’
    • ‘And so, I'm off on hols for a week to play golf, drink beer, watch TV and errrrrrr… yeah that'd be about the lot really.’
    • ‘And as it's coming up to my hols (only one week to go) it's looking increasing like it's going to be raining when I'm down in Cornwall.’
    • ‘This Christmas hols he and I rented a car to go up north.’
    • ‘That's it then, my first proper day back from the hols and despite having the best part of a month to chill out it's taken approximately 12 hours to push the stress levels back to where they were way back then.’
    • ‘Here's the first of too many photos from our Christmas hols in Texas.’
    • ‘I expect that when I come back from my hols half the plants will be dead but the brambles will be looking as healthy as ever.’
    • ‘I think I will start looking for something new when I get back from hols.’
    • ‘OK, those who insist on going to Antarctica or the Sahara for their hols may not see many plants, but everywhere else things are growing which will brighten up even the dullest of trips.’
    • ‘Day 9 of the hols saw us in the fine city of Bradford.’
    • ‘Later, when I was a teenager, I'd tag along with some English schoolfriends going on summer hols with their families to the Lake District, or Wales, or even as far afield as the Dordogne.’
    • ‘Depending on where you're travelling, first aid items may easily be available at the chemist but I never go on hols without these essentials in my backpack.’
    • ‘Naturally I texted Ade immediately (he was on hols in Spain) to tell him the good news.’
    • ‘That's the thing about going away; one doesn't want to dirty the clothes set aside for the hols and have to wash stuff when one's away.’
    • ‘Speaking of my hols, I did have a lovely time; caught up with some much needed sleep, sun, and swimming.’
    • ‘Still catching up with all the radio I missed during the hols.’
    • ‘IT'S the time of year to begin thinking about the long summer holidays and what better way to spend the hols than at the summer camps which will take place, throughout the county, during the month of July.’
    • ‘Instead of hiring out a DVD for the kids in the school hols, I just borrow one of the millions of DVDs their friends have!’
    • ‘I get sick when I go on holiday because I work myself into a state of stress when I'm not on hols, and then my body goes into nervous collapse from exhaustion and relief as soon as I step off the plane.’
    • ‘Every time we went to Italy for our hols, we always went armed with the latest Asterix adventures and even resorted to buying Italian editions of new books if we finished all ours while away.’
    • ‘It's our annual summer hols, which we always have at this time.’
    break, rest, period of leave, day off, week off, month off, recess, school holiday, half-term
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Early 20th century: abbreviation.