Definition of holographic in English:



  • Produced using holograms.

    ‘a 3D holographic image’
    ‘holographic storage discs’
    • ‘We are still scratching the surface of what will become possible once we are able to build much higher resolution holographic imaging systems.’
    • ‘The company began applying a holographic sticker to its mobile phone batteries to prevent fake power packs being inadvertently purchased as the real thing.’
    • ‘The authors note that scientists have developed a method of projecting holographic images high into the clouds.’
    • ‘Science-fiction movies have always given us a glimpse into the future, such as those holographic displays in Star Trek.’
    • ‘The character watches holographic video scenes of his son with reproduction quality so ridiculously crude that they defy belief.’
    • ‘The holographic label will appear on the bottom left corner of the packaging.’
    • ‘The player can get additional information on the world from various diaries, monitored data, and holographic images.’
    • ‘Within the next ten or twenty years we know we can expect holographic displays, ridiculously powerful computers, and maybe rudimental nanoprobes.’
    • ‘The guy says he was inspired by the holographic display from the movie Star Wars.’
    • ‘It has become the latest chip maker to stamp its wares with a holographic stamp in a bid to beat processor pirates.’