Definition of Holocene in English:



  • 1Relating to or denoting the present epoch, which is the second epoch in the Quaternary period and followed the Pleistocene.

    Also called "Recent"
    • ‘A similar pattern of sedimentation is apparent for the last interglacial and Holocene records.’
    • ‘In the Holocene period, about 10,000 BC, massive, raised peat bogs grew on top of the coastal plains.’
    • ‘Woolly mammoths, which are now extinct, lived from the Pleistocene to the early Holocene period from about 120,000 to 4,000 years ago.’
    • ‘In the United States, stark latitudinal changes in vegetative cover were prominent during the transition from Pleistocene to Holocene conditions.’
    • ‘At that point, around the time of the transition from the Pleistocene to the Holocene, a rapid warming began the shift toward modern climatic conditions.’
    1. 1.1as noun the Holocene The Holocene epoch or the system of deposits laid down during this time.


Late 19th century: coined in French from holo- ‘whole’ + Greek kainos ‘new’.