Definition of Holocaust denial in English:

Holocaust denial


mass noun
  • The belief or assertion that the Holocaust did not happen or was greatly exaggerated.

    • ‘And this is a man who got his doctorate, let us not forget also, in Holocaust denial.’
    • ‘With slightly crossed eyes, the director appears laid back - that is, until you start discussing documentary ethics or Holocaust denial, and he locks eyes with you.’
    • ‘If there was any widespread discussion of that crime, then probably a new category of historical denial will be created, in the style of Holocaust denial.’
    • ‘It is rare to hear these words today, when so many are keen to censor Holocaust denial.’
    • ‘He argued that the thesis was ‘a thoroughly tendentious, biased and dishonest piece of work’ that clearly constituted Holocaust denial.’
    • ‘According to the Defendants, they share the characteristic that they promote Holocaust denial, anti-Semitism and racism.’
    • ‘So, to be clear, I have nothing but contempt for Holocaust denial.’
    • ‘For his scientific findings, which he tried to use to get further investigation done into the Holocaust, he was charged with Holocaust denial and sentenced to 14 months in jail.’
    • ‘We have a serious case of Holocaust denial in the family.’
    • ‘Leave aside, for the moment, his background in both terror and Holocaust denial.’