Definition of holly fern in English:

holly fern


  • A small shield fern which has narrow glossy fronds with a double row of stiff bristle-edged lobes, found chiefly in mountainous areas of both Eurasia and North America.

    Several species in the genus Polystichum, family Dryopteridaceae, in particular the widespread P. lonchitis

    • ‘It's the least cold-hardy of our three holly ferns so I put it in a very protected shady location.’
    • ‘Japanese holly fern is evergreen in frostfree areas, but loses its fronds in colder climates.’
    • ‘The holly ferns apparently do not stand transplanting well but they tolerate wind and are not bothered by chewing pests.’
    • ‘In form, these evergreen holly ferns were much taller and more open than those that we were already growing.’
    • ‘It appears you have a holly fern, which prefers a moist/slightly moist, well-draining soil and bright or filtered shade or morning sun/afternoon shade.’
    • ‘Getting their name from the shape of the leaves, holly ferns grow rather upright with stiff, glossy bright green foliage.’