Definition of hollow-cheeked in English:



  • (of a person) having sunken, concave cheeks.

    • ‘Within days, a photo of the bearded, hollow-cheeked Rowe and the story of his dramatic rescue was all over the news.’
    • ‘With that she turned on her heel and plodded ahead of them to the corner of a ward unit where a hollow-cheeked, frail old man sat on the sagging mattress on his metal-framed bed.’
    • ‘This hollow-cheeked six-year-old clearly knows what it means to fall asleep on an empty stomach. ‘The worst thing for a father,’ says Ammar in barely a whisper ‘is to see your own children starving.'‘’
    • ‘And that one was a hollow-cheeked, unhappy, nervous, apprehensive creature’.’
    • ‘During the smoking recess, a gaunt, hollow-cheeked woman says she's been coming to the Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club for years, spending up to $3,000 a month.’
    • ‘I had imagined some hollow-cheeked creature with narrow eyes and thin, spindly hands, but instead found myself confronted with a man who was obviously no stranger to good living.’
    • ‘Next to me, a hollow-cheeked acquaintance struggled up from his wheelchair and joined the chorus, pumping a fist joyfully in the air.’