Definition of holiday traffic in English:

holiday traffic


mass noun
  • A large number of vehicles moving on a public road during school or public holidays.

    ‘later in the season holiday traffic can block Falmouth completely’
    • ‘A lot of holiday traffic is weather dependent.’
    • ‘A heavy flow of northbound holiday traffic continued to move through the area, oblivious to the tragedy.’
    • ‘This evening I heard of a 70-mile traffic jam on one of the main roads, where holiday traffic was held up by a crash.’
    • ‘I stayed home and avoided holiday traffic.’
    • ‘We're just more schlubs stuck in holiday traffic.’
    • ‘The horrible holiday traffic probably kept most of the drivers away.’
    • ‘Police will be paying particular attention to rural roads due to the high volumes of holiday traffic expected throughout the weekend.’
    • ‘Tonight on my journey home in the rush of holiday traffic, some caravans must have been travelling at 80 mph.’
    • ‘Police have worked to put diversions in place, but significant delays are expected with holiday traffic.’
    • ‘The holiday traffic had backed up, causing a jam with cars entering and leaving the different garden centres.’