Definition of holiday job in English:

holiday job


  • A job undertaken by a student outside of term time.

    ‘I bought my first car from my earnings from holiday jobs’
    • ‘The first risk assessment was done by a college student on a holiday job.’
    • ‘They have paid for their tickets with holiday jobs or sponsored bike rides.’
    • ‘She fell from a pickup truck at an amusement park, where she had a holiday job.’
    • ‘I spent my holiday jobs working in the local council's rates office.’
    • ‘Thirty years ago I had my first holiday job in Oddbins.’
    • ‘I thought it would be a nice holiday job—a nice relaxing role.’
    • ‘It's no longer possible to be sure of walking into a holiday job with union rates.’
    • ‘It was the anthropology student's first day of a holiday job at the docks.’
    • ‘A university medical student, during a holiday job, suffered an impact injury to the throat from the tongs of a negligently driven forklift.’
    • ‘With unemployment remaining high, applications for traditional holiday jobs have skyrocketed this year.’