Definition of hole punch in English:

hole punch


  • A device for punching holes in sheets of paper, so that they can be filed in a ring binder.

    • ‘In the end, Emily got some scrapbooking hole punches where Rebecca walked away empty handed.’
    • ‘Punch three holes in the bottom of the tile with a 1/16-inch hole punch.’
    • ‘It will scan up to 25 A4 pages at 600 dpi and finishing options include booklet, staple and hole punch.’
    • ‘Here, stiff strips of paper have been tinted a dull green or brown by a chlorophyll wash and perforated with a hole punch.’
    • ‘Thanks to their material simplicity, they seem more closely related to workplace antiquities like the stapler and the hole-punch than integrated chips.’
    • ‘I walk up to the counter, about to procure my worldwide travel adaptor, and medium-duty hole punch.’
    • ‘The holes for the raised circular crane posts can be cut with a standard hole punch.’
    • ‘Use those bits of leftover wrapping paper and a hole punch to make confetti.’
    • ‘Right now my hole punch is propping the window open.’
    • ‘Use a large hole punch to cut circles from a different color of card stock; glue them to the card.’
    • ‘She's not the sharpest tool in the box - I even had to show her how to use a hole punch properly.’
    • ‘He gives me a grin and I want to pick up the three hole punch and bash his face in.’
    • ‘It was clear from my purchases that I am a global traveller, the hole punch not the worldwide travel adaptor.’
    • ‘A paper cutter, stapler and hole punch is also available.’
    • ‘I have my stapler fully locked and loaded and strapped to my ankle I have the hole punch for emergencies.’
    • ‘I nod, and he takes an orange, a remote control and a hole-punch from the desk in the corner of the room.’
    • ‘A small hole punch (like your paperboy uses) is good for notching the walkway to clear the steam pipe.’
    • ‘To make the hole for the tassel, use a hole-punch.’
    • ‘Others made bubbles with hole punches, and once this process began, the possibilities became endless for new ideas with a hole punch.’
    • ‘Use a three hole punch to fit those pages in the beginning of your book.’