Definition of holding tank in English:

holding tank


  • A large container in which liquids are temporarily held.

    figurative ‘have the universities become holding tanks for those who cannot find jobs?’
    • ‘Waters from one of the springs was channeled into a holding tank and then piped to the baths.’
    • ‘We were surrounded instead by scores of other boats, all equally idle, and the only fish I saw all day were the silvery small fry used for bait, swimming in tight circles in their holding tank.’
    • ‘I started thinking how the other day, before the headache had taken hold, I'd woken up in a good mood only to realize part of my basement was flooding from the rotten holding tank.’
    • ‘The chemical had apparently leaked out of a holding tank after its bolts failed.’
    • ‘A holding tank the company owns overflowed into lobster grounds.’
    • ‘The proposal would see the resort dump sewage into Abraham Lake, after a year in a holding tank, another aspect of the resort environmentalists oppose.’
    • ‘The dam was built mainly as a holding tank to satisfy the mandates of the 1922 Colorado River Compact, which obliges upstream states to deliver a specific amount of water downstream each year.’
    • ‘They could also find themselves shelling out thousands of pounds to install leak proof concrete flooring beneath their muck heaps with a sealed holding tank for the liquid which runs off.’
    • ‘When fall break was about to come my dad told me that he wanted me to go up to the cabin that we had on the other side of our ranch land and run some water into a holding tank.’
    • ‘Additional funding is being called for in order to upgrade the water holding tank at the Pier in Tramore.’
    • ‘Our 18-foot flat-bottomed aluminum boat contained a holding tank for keeping the fish while we tagged them.’
    • ‘Keep in mind that this area needs to be much more than a holding tank for older kids - it must provide youths with activities that they like to do, in an environment that they want to do it in.’
    • ‘As particles are removed from the mixture, the liquid goes to holding tanks inside the device.’
    • ‘By holding the container over the opening of the spray tank or holding tank while rinsing, the rinse water can be captured as it drains from the container spout.’
    • ‘Later a large concrete holding tank was built in the sheep yards and collected water from the woolshed roof.’
    • ‘A new underground pipe 130 metres long will connect the existing sewerage works with the holding tank.’
    • ‘The building's distance from a water source meant that a holding tank would have been required.’
    • ‘The substance is pumped directly into an isolated room that contains a specially-lined holding tank.’
    • ‘The room's toilet pipes and shower drains carry this waste to a holding tank.’
    • ‘The water is recycled and pumped to the top from a 250,000-gallon holding tank that sits hidden underneath.’