Definition of hold with in English:

hold with

phrasal verb

  • with negative Approve of.

    ‘I don't hold with fighting or violence’
    • ‘‘I hold with their beliefs that everyone has a right to live a good quality of life,’ explains the year 10 student.’
    • ‘I don't hold with a religious Christmas particularly, I'm not that bothered about presents.’
    • ‘And by the way, I hope this makes it clear that I do not hold with the idea that because a blogger accepted donations that he or she is required to answer to the donors.’
    • ‘He doesn't hold with the cynics who can't accept characters bursting into song at the drop of a hat.’
    • ‘I'll float the hypothesis even if I don't hold with it for one moment.’
    • ‘I don't hold with celebrating particular dates.’
    • ‘Some people call it jogging, but I don't hold with these Americanisms.’
    • ‘He did not see it as making it any more or less difficult for him to be re-elected and did not hold with the argument that three-seat constituencies worked against smaller parties.’
    • ‘I still hold with the view that a bad choice is better than none, and my guess is most others, especially those who have lived under dictatorships would agree.’
    • ‘He admits that Killian had very high standards and didn't hold with pilots not meeting them.’
    approve of, agree with, be in favour of, go along with, endorse, accept, countenance, support, give support to, subscribe to, give one's blessing to, take kindly to
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