Definition of hold the line in English:

hold the line


  • Not yield to the pressure of a difficult situation.

    ‘France's central bank would hold the line’
    • ‘Over the years critics have noted that Terry often found it difficult to hold the line on a budget.’
    • ‘One could hope that Tim's example is inspiring other governors to hold the line on taxes, but I don't have the sense that that is happening in many states.’
    • ‘Lawmakers should hold the line against their demands.’
    • ‘The agency will argue that in holding the line on pay and in demanding employee health contributions and oversight of the union's health care trust fund, it was doing its best to safeguard the tax money entrusted to it by the public.’
    • ‘Most parents already find it difficult to hold the line.’
    • ‘I led my city out of recession by holding the line on taxes and cutting waste.’
    • ‘He's for keeping middle-class tax cuts and holding the line on free trade.’
    • ‘Every other Labour government has seen big unions holding the line against radical constituencies.’
    • ‘For its part, the British government has tried to hold the line against hysteria and appear reasonable, issuing a new ‘don't panic’ message.’
    • ‘I think that he is sticking to his word and holding the line on the tax cuts that he promised to give.’