Definition of hold something down in English:

hold something down

phrasal verb

  • Succeed in keeping a job or position for a period of time.

    ‘holding down two jobs was proving tiring for him’
    • ‘He would lose his temper in a flash and couldn't hold down a job.’
    • ‘Judy was also holding down another position - that of being a mother.’
    • ‘For the previous two seasons Richard has held down the position of the Business Manager.’
    • ‘Because of her health problems, she had difficulty holding down permanent work.’
    • ‘They could receive the payout even while continuing to hold down other jobs.’
    • ‘In the past I haven't held a job down but I've managed to keep this one because I enjoy it and I get support and help.’
    • ‘My father came from a family of alcoholics and he himself battled with it but still managed to hold down a job and educate two kids.’
    • ‘While Patrick had worked as a sheet metal fabricator, he has had difficulty holding down jobs since he left school.’
    • ‘Most of them will be people you know, holding down good jobs, good lives, good families.’
    • ‘Antony left his girlfriend a while ago, he has a job and he's holding it down.’
    occupy, hold, have, be in, fill
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