Definition of hold someone/something dear in English:

hold someone/something dear


  • Care for or value someone or something greatly.

    ‘fidelity is something most of us hold dear’
    • ‘If you are to attain the position of emperor, you must hold your people dear.’
    • ‘It is a gift from them to us, and we must indeed hold it dear.’
    • ‘As you might expect, I will always hold Mary dear to my heart.’
    • ‘It is in those moments when we face our fears that laughter is especially welcome, and comic and tender memories are held dear.’
    • ‘Up to this day many communities still hold these traditions dear and the names of certain places tell stories of the people who once lived there.’
    • ‘We hold these values dear to our hearts because they resonate with strong emotional ties.’
    • ‘We are all the results of our histories and as such we should hold our heritage dear.’
    • ‘Secularism is in peril, and those who hold it dear need to work for it.’
    • ‘He has good reason to hold Rab dear to his heart, however much he insists he was just a two-dimensional character in a script.’
    • ‘Canadians hold their values dear, but are not keen to see them imposed on others.’
    cherish, treasure, prize, appreciate, value highly, rate highly, care very much about, care very much for, place a high value on, attach great importance to, set great store by
    cherish, treasure, prize, value highly
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