Definition of hold someone/something cheap in English:

hold someone/something cheap


  • Have a low opinion of someone or something.

    ‘I began to dislike Linton, and to excuse his father for holding him cheap’
    • ‘Rather than holding their manhood cheap, they step forward to share in the glory.’
    • ‘If it continues its insincere attitude over its nuclear development programs and the abduction issue, and holds the international community cheap, it will end up in stewing in its own juice.’
    • ‘Even if you don't believe in the cause yourself, you have to admit that this is the sort of thing that makes gentlemen safe abed hold their manhood cheap.’
    • ‘It was an ability that made those who hadn't dared to try think themselves accursed, holding their manhoods cheap.’
    • ‘I could tell you that at least one person would not hold his manhood cheap and that he still has the moustaches to prove it.’