Definition of hold out in English:

hold out

phrasal verb

  • 1Resist or survive in difficult circumstances.

    ‘British troops held out against constant attacks’
    • ‘He failed to capture Tobruk, and for over a year the isolated garrison held out against all attempts to take it.’
    • ‘The only place that held out against the revolution was the Winter Palace, the residence of the former Tsar.’
    • ‘Perhaps he just hasn't the strength of will to hold out, as one might be unable to withstand torture.’
    • ‘Troops controlled by the Roman Catholic bishop set siege to the city but the Anabaptists were able to hold out for 16 months.’
    • ‘What would be the value of a lone survivor, pointlessly holding out in a blighted, boarded-up street?’
    • ‘From 4 August 1900, they defiantly held out for 13 days until finally relieved.’
    • ‘I thought if we hold out for ten more minutes, I'll be happy.’
    • ‘His improvisation and organization helped the British to hold out for 217 days against overwhelming forces.’
    • ‘Ravaged cities continue to hold out against the coalition.’
    • ‘A Japanese invasion from occupied China was not unexpected; the colony had simply been told to hold out for as long as possible.’
    keep going, keep on, survive, last, continue, persevere, struggle on, carry on, go on, hang on, hold out, not give up, see it through, stay the course
    resist, withstand, hold off, fight off, fend off, keep off, keep at bay, stand up to, square up to, fight against, bear up against, stand fast against, stand firm against, hold the line against
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    1. 1.1 Continue to be sufficient.
      ‘we can stay here for as long as our supplies hold out’
      • ‘The bar's owner, to the delight of his patrons, promised to stay open as long as the power from his generator held out.’
      • ‘We're going to stay here as long as possible, as long as our food supply holds out.’
      • ‘I've bought at least one album every week so far this year, I plan to continue this provided my finances hold out.’
      • ‘She is also expected to break the record for a woman circumnavigating the globe if her mast holds out.’
      • ‘We stayed as long as our air would hold out, headed back to the boat, filled the tanks and within an hour we were all back in the same spot doing it all again.’
      • ‘The only thing to hope for was our emergency oxygen supply would hold out long enough for us to get to a lower altitude.’
      • ‘She knew her crew was getting tired and restless, and the supplies wouldn't hold out forever.’
      • ‘The reconstruction will track the amount of money available from the proceeds of the oil wells, and will continue as long and as far as this money holds out.’
      last, remain, be extant, continue
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