Definition of hold one's tongue in English:

hold one's tongue


  • often in imperative Remain silent.

    • ‘I held my tongue, paid for the milk, and went home.’
    • ‘I've held my tongue for weeks now, but seeing this commercial four times in the past hour has finally pushed me over the edge.’
    • ‘I tried to hold my tongue, but I cannot take it anymore.’
    • ‘Many times my students make me upset, but I have to control myself and hold my tongue so as not to hurt others.’
    • ‘Here's where I attempt to hold my tongue for the day and try to stay away from politics and war.’
    • ‘Well I have held my tongue for too long, and it stops here.’
    • ‘He figures, as men do, that it would be best to hold his tongue.’
    • ‘But he is not a man to hold his tongue when he feels strongly about an issue.’
    • ‘Emma, angry at the insult to Miss Taylor's husband, holds her tongue for the sake of family civility.’
    • ‘I was going to ask whether she was joking but decided to hold my tongue as class ended.’