Definition of hold one's peace in English:

hold one's peace


  • Remain silent about something.

    ‘he nodded indulgently at such pertness and obstinacy, but held his peace’
    • ‘So you had best hold your peace and bide your time.’
    • ‘I held my peace, knowing sadly that she spoke the truth.’
    • ‘It was starting to become annoying, but I tried to hold my peace.’
    • ‘At present I am biding my time, and holding my peace.’
    • ‘Crew members growled unintelligible threats beneath their breath, yet held their peace.’
    • ‘At this stage I believe a reviewer should hold his peace, at least until his readers can get to see the movie.’
    • ‘When a reviewer has had his say about a book, by and large he should thereafter hold his peace.’
    • ‘Too many, however, held their peace, at least until the next atrocity.’
    • ‘So please, if anyone has any ideas, anything at all, please share now or forever hold your peace.’
    • ‘But I'll admit, it was great to see him happy, so I held my peace.’