Definition of hold (or have) in derision in English:

hold (or have) in derision


  • Regard with mockery.

    • ‘Only a choice few found favour in the marketplace, and, for the sake of their success, they are held in derision today as ‘common’.’
    • ‘It is a scandal - and surely the deepest of ironies - that he should be ignored, scorned or held in derision in the very places where knowledge and wisdom are deemed to be sought and taught.’
    • ‘Those who offer Him silver and gold shall be had in derision.’
    • ‘The mouth of one with understanding is praised by a man, but the dull of heart is held in derision.’
    • ‘Again, there is comedy as she undergoes training for her royal role and tries to reconcile royalty with being held in derision by her school contemporaries.’