Definition of hognose snake in English:

hognose snake

(also hog-nosed snake)


  • A harmless burrowing American snake with an upturned snout. When threatened it inflates itself with air and hisses, and may feign death.

    Genus Heterodon, family Colubridae: several species

    • ‘Young Eastern hog-nosed snakes, for example, feign death if they sense a threat.’
    • ‘In reality the breath of hognose snakes is harmless.’
    • ‘The hognose snake is sometimes nicknamed the ‘Puff adder’, because one of its bluffs when threatened is to swell its head and neck so it looks larger.’
    • ‘If this show proves unsuccessful, the hognose snake will turn over on its back and play dead.’
    • ‘Eastern hog-nosed snakes are harmless but are often mistaken for venomous rattlesnake species.’
    • ‘The eastern hognose snake is a medium sized snake that often startles people the first time they see one.’
    • ‘Like most hognose snakes, the Mexican Hognose is considered slightly venomous but harmless to humans.’
    • ‘The unique physical characteristic of hognose snakes is their nose, which is turned up like a pig's snout.’
    • ‘Young hognose snakes are prone to drying out and seem to require a higher humidity than the adults.’
    • ‘The eastern hognose snake feeds on frogs and toads, but the young may eat crickets and other invertebrates.’
    • ‘If cared for properly, hognose snakes can be expected to live between 10 and 15 years.’
    • ‘I highly recommend feeding prekilled prey for hognose snakes as these snakes do not constrict their prey.’
    • ‘Reptiles are common including ground boas and hog-nosed snakes and plenty of chameleons.’
    • ‘The eastern hog-nosed snake is found in Canada and the United States.’
    • ‘The eastern hognose snake has a pair of enlarged teeth in the rear part of its upper jaw, which possibly help in swallowing large prey.’
    • ‘The eastern hognose snake is renowned for its ‘death feigning’ behavior.’
    • ‘The hog-nosed snake bluffs predators by spreading its head and neck and hissing.’
    • ‘Smooth rock beds along the ascending route look like pavement, and invite drowsy black racers and Eastern hog-nosed snakes to sunbathe.’
    • ‘The Plains leopard frog, western green toad and Mexican hog-nosed snakes inhabit the area.’
    • ‘Not dangerous to man, the western hognose snake uses a slightly toxic saliva to help subdue its prey.’


hognose snake