Definition of hog badger in English:

hog badger


  • A badger with a long mobile snout and dark facial stripes, found in the forests of eastern Asia.

    Arctonyx collaris, family Mustelidae

    • ‘The hog badger of China is easily distinguished from other badgers by its naked pig like snout, and much longer tail.’
    • ‘A large population of Indian elephants, barasingha (swamp deer), sloth bears, otters, hog badgers and capped langurs all live here in the wilderness.’
    • ‘I am not aware of any locations where hog badgers are seen in the wild on a regular basis.’
    • ‘The hog badgers is omnivorous, and roots in the ground rather like a pig to find its food.’
    • ‘A group of four little hog badgers were taken to a temple near the rescue center after they were found by some villagers, apparently rescued from a nest abandoned by their mother.’
    • ‘It also saw the return of mammals like large Indian civets, hog badgers, barking deer and wild pigs.’
    • ‘The hog badger has the same coloring as the Eurasian badger but the face, ears, throat, and tail are all white.’
    • ‘The female hog badger at the Toronto zoo produced litters during each of two successive years.’