Definition of Hocktide in English:



  • (in England) a religious festival formerly kept on the second Monday and Tuesday after Easter, during which, in pre-Reformation times, money was raised for Church and parish purposes.

    • ‘So, in order to escape from actually working, I decided to learn a bit more about Hocktide, and came upon the delightful Beerfordbury Bugle!’
    • ‘It sounded for all the world like a large Christmas beetle, but seeing Easter's been and gone and we're heading for Hocktide, this made no sense, so I went to investigate.’
    • ‘On the second Tuesday after Easter, the Hocktide Court is called in the town hall while two ‘Tutti-Men’ collect fishing right fines from the residents of the High Street.’
    • ‘The town has its own town council and Mayor and Hungerford's Hocktide ceremonies take place on the second Tuesday after Easter, more usually known as Tutti-day when the Hocktide Court or Commoners Court is held in the town hall.’
    • ‘Finally the events of the day are rounded off with a traditional Tutti-Supper at the Corn Exchange and the drinking of the Hocktide Punch.’
    • ‘The festival begins when the town crier blows his horn and summons the Hocktide Court to the town hall.’
    • ‘Easter lasted a full 10 days until the festival of Hocktide.’
    • ‘A Hocktide Lunch is served to more than 180 commoners and their guests and friends in the Corn Exchange.’


Of unknown origin.