Definition of hockey player in English:

hockey player


  • A person who plays hockey.

    ‘Tom is a professional hockey player’
    • ‘I hear she's quite skilled at rescuing inebriated hockey players.’
    • ‘Anybody with the name Gordie should automatically be a good hockey player!’
    • ‘His paper offers additional evidence about the economic plight of qualified French Canadian hockey players.’
    • ‘In this job-satisfaction study, symphony musicians were happier than hockey players.’
    • ‘A good example is Wayne Gretzky, considered the greatest hockey player by many.’
    • ‘She's here to check out my female hockey players.’
    • ‘Some people claim he's quite witty (for a hockey player).’
    • ‘Hockey players subject themselves to more bodily harm than any other professional athlete, even American football players.’
    • ‘A ragtag group of college hockey players defeated a nearly invincible juggernaut on their way to Olympic gold at Lake Placid.’
    • ‘The current hockey players are a huge improvement over the lads we saw in last year's game.’