Definition of hobby farm in English:

hobby farm


  • A small farm operated primarily for pleasure rather than profit.

    • ‘One group makes up the majority of farm numbers, known as hobby farms.’
    • ‘As a retirement "hobby" he and Claire developed an 18 acre hobby farm growing kiwifruit in the Nelson area.’
    • ‘Both of his grandfathers were Wisconsin dairy farmers, and he grew up on a small "hobby farm" in southern Illinois.’
    • ‘He is married with three children and lives on a hobby farm near Dubbo with Albert the contented Murray Grey bull.’
    • ‘Melanie Lansing Winters (Susan Sarandon) lives a picturesque existence on an expansive hobby farm with her crotchety professor husband David (Christopher Plummer).’
    • ‘In September 1992 the defendant sold his and bought a 25-acre hobby farm.’
    • ‘Having grown up on a small hobby farm in northern New York, I have a lot of love for animals.’
    • ‘He also loved his hobby farm, which he built with his own hands and where he raised horses.’
    • ‘A population of about 6,000 live in detached houses on large urban blocks or on five acre hobby farms / market gardens.’
    • ‘Subdivisions and hobby farms are sprouting up across the land, where property values now range from $3,000 to $24,000 per acre.’
    • ‘The place had been a hobby farm owned by his wealthy stepfather who was now very ill.’
    • ‘It was a hobby farm, whose owner was mostly concerned with his rosebushes.’
    • ‘To her surprise, there was interest in dividing the land into 60-acre parcels and selling it for hobby farms.’
    • ‘Property agents in New South Wales are reporting a deluge of capital city investors buying traditional country blocks and not just hobby farms.’
    • ‘The magnitude of the voluntary subsidy by small-scale operators to their hobby farms now swamps the profit performance of larger farms.’
    • ‘There are people with hobby farms, there are people with bush blocks.’
    • ‘I call it my hobby farm.’
    • ‘But from his perspective, the hobby farm in a remote, rural context was an oasis, not a prison.’
    • ‘Despite growth in farm size and an increase in the number of smaller hobby farms, the total acreage in farming has declined as urban sprawl claims farmland.’
    • ‘"We're seeing more growth in the hobby farms with small animals, horses and pets."’