Definition of Hobbesian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes or his ideas.

    ‘a Hobbesian state of nature’
    • ‘They would have been truer to their Hobbesian conception of international law if they had refused to sign the resolution.’
    • ‘He addressed the Hobbesian argument that, since thought is a mode of matter and matter has no self-moving power, there cannot be any freedom of the will.’
    • ‘A rival philosophical tradition emphasised severe law and harsh punishments, on the basis of what, in the West, would be regarded as a Hobbesian view of the world.’
    • ‘The parents largely ignore all sorts of kid-on-kid abuse, leaving their older sons in a brutal Hobbesian jungle.’
    • ‘This may make it seem that Descartes rejects a substantial role for philosophy in ethics, offering in its place a Hobbesian account of the authority of moral dictates grounded in a sovereign will.’
    • ‘We may model this in the following way by formulating some simple games that utilize the same framework used for the Hobbesian analysis.’
    • ‘The Hobbesian nightmare she depicts does not represent the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism but, on the contrary, the consequences of the capitalist system's most basic tendencies.’
    • ‘He argues that international relations resemble a society at least as much as it resembles Hobbesian anarchy.’
    • ‘He can only rule out this possibility by appeal to a Hobbesian Fear.’
    • ‘Remove the elementary staples of organized, civilized life—food, shelter, drinkable water, minimal personal security—and we go back within hours to a Hobbesian state of nature, a war of all against all.’


  • A person who supports the theories of the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes.

    ‘if he was a Hobbesian, he certainly kept quiet about it’
    • ‘It doesn't follow from this, of course, that if the Europeans are Hobbesians, the Americans must be Kantians.’
    • ‘I think it's much more useful to start talking about libertarians as basically Hobbesians.’
    • ‘Lockeans base the state on protection of antecedent natural rights to property, which includes one's person; Hobbesians base the state on amoral interest in avoiding general war.’
    • ‘I'm a Hobbesian: life is nasty, brutish, and short.’
    • ‘We each became ad hoc Hobbesians, accepting (at least provisionally) that force and fear adequately established the other power's right to rule.’