Definition of hoaxer in English:



  • A person who tricks or deceives someone by means of a hoax:

    ‘the hoaxer claimed her mother was trapped in a burning flat’
    • ‘The image rotation and the dark gray line that cuts across both images and plain black background are a clear indication of tampering, an obvious clue left by the hoaxer as a hint that there is something wrong with the overall image.’
    • ‘These people are cheats, fraudsters, charlatans and hoaxers.’
    • ‘The Home Office confirmed extra measures could be added to the Emergency Anti-Terrorism Bill to increase penalties for hoaxers.’
    • ‘In future more hoaxers will find themselves in court or else having their mobiles and land-lines disconnected as a punishment for wasting police time.’
    • ‘Other hoaxers have used hot air balloons powered by candles to simulate UFOs.’
    practical joker, joker, prankster, trickster
    fraudster, impostor, hoodwinker, swindler, cheat, confidence trickster
    spoofer, conman
    bunco artist
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