Definition of hoax call in English:

hoax call


  • A telephone call made to trick or deceive someone for humorous or malicious purposes.

    ‘anybody who makes a hoax call to the emergency services is potentially risking lives’
    • ‘The problem was worst in Scotland, where there were nearly 300 hoax calls in the first ten hours of the stoppage.’
    • ‘A £1,000 bounty has been put on the head of anyone who makes a hoax call during the firefighters' dispute.’
    • ‘Hoax calls hinder response times to real emergencies.’
    • ‘Firefighters have blasted 'mindless idiots' who sent them out on two hoax calls last night.’
    • ‘He received a call over the car radio instructing him to go to "a hoax call" near the border.’
    • ‘The defendant had a long history of making hoax calls.’
    • ‘Crews providing emergency cover for the district received 15 hoax calls by midnight.’
    • ‘This area in particular was experiencing a large number of hoax calls this year.’
    • ‘The spokesman said the number of hoax calls had fallen dramatically.’
    • ‘Whenever the emergency services can identify repeated hoax calls from a phone, companies suspend the service to the bill payer.’