Definition of ho ho in English:

ho ho


  • 1Representing deep laughter.

    • ‘Why, that would be comparing apples and oranges, ho ho, said Mr. Tisch.’
    • ‘The only way for me to kick - ho ho, I won't be giving up puns anytime soon - the habit would be for the club I support to disband.’
    • ‘… he's never considered walking away from the job… ho ho!’
    • ‘This almost never happens in journalism or, ho ho, poetry.’
    • ‘The World Cup skiing that the BBC had been planning to bring us was cancelled - for, ho ho, lack of snow in Italy.’
    • ‘Edison laughed, ho ho, that's a big joke, American sense of humor and all of that.’
    • ‘Of course, you have to get them there before they melt, oh ho ho!’
    • ‘As for the remainder of comments on that thread - ho ho.’
    • ‘At one point in time - ho ho - we thought it wouldn't be possible, not ever, not in a million years.’
    • ‘Oh ho ho, look at Darkel from West Hills High School pretending to be a chimp!’
    • ‘Keep reminding yourself that all things pass and maybe check out a Laughter Club, where people elevate their endorphins by going yo ho ho and looking at the funny side of life.’
    1. 1.1 Used to express triumph, especially at a discovery.
      ‘Ho ho! A stranger in our midst!’


Mid 16th century: reduplication of ho.


ho ho